That which often felt fulfilled,yearns for itself in repeated pursuits,recoiling to its full strength,causing anguish to its master,who once thought it worthwhile his time.How many times must a suffering last,for a desire to be called wasteful,and end itself before the master quits.Oh what a waste of life, this burden;glorified as inherent intelligence,a fanciful creation of… Continue reading Desires

Oh look! The earth is healing

Oh look! the earth is healing;It smiles in green and blueThere's none of that long bleeding,and the planet is happy, its trueWas it us comrades? Do think;While we are in hiding now,Nature sprang out in a blinkAnimals out on the streets,And birds chirping with tweetsThe winds took a smooth flight,While clouds dressed up in whiteFlower… Continue reading Oh look! The earth is healing


Celestial being that art thou, ineffable yet existent, emptiness finds expression in thou A peacock feather glance, ripe with desires burning flames of emotions Heaviness of the breath flowing, seeming perpetual, propelled by passions Tender slices of moisty moments, waiting to engulf, erasing space, ceasing time Heavenly angels of highest bliss, soothing my entire self… Continue reading Manifestation