O divine mother

O divine mother, I surrender!To your omnipresent formI am just a mere mortal here to learnEgo, BeaUty, Intelligence and WealthTill now considered my weaponsAre an atomic show of your infinite powerI beseech you to forgiveMy unintentional blundersI am down on my kneesAs I realize I am just a stageFor your powerful cosmic playsThat manifest in… Continue reading O divine mother

Your Return

Drunk in your nectar of love,thirsty for more,obliterating life’s realityportrayed my journey so farHadn’t realized your handholdingwas my reason to bloomAnd now,I am lost...Cast away into the abyss of life,I neither sight present nor futureTime has ceased to bear witnessto moments,of a life once cherished,by milestones carved in loveLonging for your return,reminded of your vowto… Continue reading Your Return

Find a reason to love

Yet again I find a reason to love,much as a reason to liveBlessed is he who has loved in life,for evermore if his love returnedTrivial turns wealthy pursuits,if love decides to pursue oneTurmoils do accompany love,like shadow does a manMake then a habit to embrace,feelings that disrupt your graceWho fights against a trap-netwhen engulfed in… Continue reading Find a reason to love

A place to rest

O my fidgety fidgety mindCant you find a place to rest?Forever you have been scurryingAnd constantly whimperingIs there no silence within you?Why not enjoy the moonlight now?Or the warm happy breeze from westPerhaps sit by the seaside,and relish the calm flowing wavesWhere are you heading anyway?Within the confines of a potyou go in circles for… Continue reading A place to rest