O divine mother

O divine mother, I surrender!To your omnipresent formI am just a mere mortal here to learnEgo, BeaUty, Intelligence and WealthTill now considered my weaponsAre an atomic show of your infinite powerI beseech you to forgiveMy unintentional blundersI am down on my kneesAs I realize I am just a stageFor your powerful cosmic playsThat manifest in… Continue reading O divine mother

Your Return

Drunk in your nectar of love,thirsty for more,obliterating life’s realityportrayed my journey so farHadn’t realized your handholdingwas my reason to bloomAnd now,I am lost...Cast away into the abyss of life,I neither sight present nor futureTime has ceased to bear witnessto moments,of a life once cherished,by milestones carved in loveLonging for your return,reminded of your vowto… Continue reading Your Return


Celestial being that art thou, ineffable yet existent, emptiness finds expression in thou A peacock feather glance, ripe with desires burning flames of emotions Heaviness of the breath flowing, seeming perpetual, propelled by passions Tender slices of moisty moments, waiting to engulf, erasing space, ceasing time Heavenly angels of highest bliss, soothing my entire self… Continue reading Manifestation