Living a dream

I lived in a dream with you.
we built a cottage alongside a river,
with tiny rooms and a dome
open to bright blue skies,
and played around in the meadows,
with lambs hopping around us in joy.
We sat in our garden,
and plucked fresh fruits off trees,
that we savoured with golden honey.
The wind passed through us
while walking on the shore,
and through you I floated,
over unknown realms of my mind,
only pausing for a glance,
of your lovely face.
At night we gathered a fire,
then gazed into far away stars,
lying on fresh green grass
with crystal dew drops beneath us.
Then slowly we drifted off to sleep
into enchanting dreams,
to welcome another day
with you,
my beloved, and now,
I dream of a life with you.

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