Layers within us

Layers of thoughts and emotions,
carried within, from day one to the next
Solves not a single dispute of ours
but brings about a hardship instead
It makes us a slave to the situation
that ought to have been left for good
The mind revels in plotting revenge
against anyone that stands in its way
Chained are we in the clutches of mind,
one that we consider our best friend
Friends turn foes, relationships sour
as our mind grips tight the reins
Use not anger to punish a wrongdoing
for it hurts oneself, with no atonement
Use not hatred in your relationships
for it engulfs us in poison made for another
Through turmoils, amidst all witnesses,
ascend O dear! ascend higher and higher
Discard layers of anger, hatred, and fear
that hold you captive in its dungeons
Rid yourself from the grips of your mind
discover your truest self that resides within

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