Time stands still

I am woken up in the middle of the night. The eerie silence of this time confuses me. Are you still because everything is going to be fine? Or are you still like the calm before the storm? I want it to be morning, but the clock isn’t ticking, no matter how hard I stare at it.

All thoughts come gurgling in, rushing past the gates of decisions, indicating the cross roads I am in.

Tell me. Would you let go of the diamond in your hand for a piece of charcoal? Would you trade the sweet fragrance and beaUty of a flower? Can a lamp ever replace the luster of the moon?

What I have is the moon. Looking at me, shining for me, smiling for me, but away. Far far away. One can only hope for the distance to erase itself. The utter helplessness of the situation isn’t easily expressed, because there is nothing I can do, and everything I seem to do makes it only worse.

So I wait. In this eerie silence. For the muddy waters to clear itself. Maybe the moon will descend someday, convinced of this person waiting.

I look up. The clock hasn’t moved yet. Time still stands still.

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