Music of my soul

Music made to flung
from the depths of my soul,
where formed symphonies,
blending emotions a whole,
melting into oneness my life,
until now that lay strewn, blown,
overflown from a bowl

Voicing compulsion, you burst in,
imploring to create melodies from vacuum, like diamonds from coal
I wrung, swung, slung myself
first pushing, further punishing
to bring out a tune lying dormant,
to fulfil your dream goal

A song then composed itself, of
engraved verses, cleansed by flames
describing your beauteous soul,
elevating me above an ordeal infernal,
your alluring presence
controlling my senses, I, enamored
of you, relinquish to your call

I hear no sound, voice, or song
I know no vigor sans your tone
Enchanted, I pursue your scent
Forsake me not, for I shall crumble
crestfallen with your absence
pray make known your presence,
Into you, let me dissolve

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