Autobiography of a story

Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening to all the beautiful people out there !

I am a love story, created by Ink What You Think. Due to a busy schedule, he is not here today. Instead, I am going to take up that space to introduce myself to you.

I was born exactly 2 years ago, during a dark, stormy night, in the attic of an old house in a tiny tiny village. Just like a mother going through the pain of labour, he too underwent vast pain within him as I came out. I did not cry, instead gazed softly into his eyes, and he instantly felt better. For this reason, he loves me a lot and has taken care of me ever since. I don’t remember these of course, just overheard him telling it to his friend

I am a fairly long, curvy being, with a bunch of emotions, feelings and thoughts, just like the rest of you (of course, that is why I chose this place to write). There is nothing striking about me as a personality, but dig deep within me and you will find the reason for my very existence. I have heard a quote about my species, which I feel is extremely true.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

This is what he feels too, which is why you will never find me jeweled up. He says a hero will come along sooner or later, who, without looking at my front cover or the back, will open me and dive deep in, the moment he picks me up. Ah ! Stories also have dreams, you know.

My dreams are different. I would love to travel the world. I have seen beaUtiful pictures of the places he visits, the food he eats and the people he meets. Lovely memories, that makes me feel like I should take a solo trip too.

Within me, I have characteristics inherited from both him as well as HER. Although I have never really met her, he always tells that I am as gorgeous as she used to be. Then he would stare at me for few moments and walk away, tears in his eyes. He might be missing her a lot.

He always carries me along. He says I am special. I have travelled to quiet a few places and met many people. People always pick me up to admire, and I can see a sudden feeling of jealousness pour through his otherwise gleamy eyes. Sometimes I enjoy that attention in him, which shows his love and affection.

A big part of my life is empty at the moment. A void. Then again, there is a freedom in that emptiness. I see people fill up lives with negativeness and hatred. Of what worth is it to them ? When I look back at myself, all I can remember are moments of joy.

To be honest, I have a kept aside a good part of that emptiness for him to fill up. He shares every thing with me, be it his success or his fears, his imagination or his thoughts. I am his best friend and confidante. In a way, I am a blended product of his imagination and my intelligence.

I know I can never ever replace her, but each day, I honestly try to take a page out of me, and push myself to bring out a smile on his face. Some days I win, and other days, I just wait for him to come back to me and pour out his emotions.

One thing is for sure :

I will be there for him until the last page in me has been plucked out.

My wait for a hero also ends here. It has always been him, from the moment l first laid my eyes on him. Whenever he picked me up, I felt complete. The touch of his hands felt deep. His journey of life is etched straight into my heart. No one understands him like I do now. The only question that remains unanswered is

How long is the wait until we unite ?

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