Heed mine words O weary traveller

Heed mine words O weary traveller;
step not in the direction of the oasis,
for no fountain, but a mirage awaits

Journeys path might it reverse thus;
wandering evermore shalt thou remain,
and remain in pursuit of an illusive lair

Sudden thirst starts forming within;
drifting then into an infinite chasm,
lose one shalt this mind, body and soul

Look not into the gleaming mirror;
only false forms reveal to the weary self,
swiftly gripping away to captivity eternal

Head straight with unwavering eyes;
until the very gates of heaven be seen,
whence liberated of urge thee shalt be

Heed mine words O weary traveller;
no wayside oasis can quench this thirst,
thirst for the heaven which thou hast within

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