What is in a name ?

Whats in a name my lord ?
As long as its you Krishna,
Everything is the same to me.
They may call you Kris or Khwaja
What difference does it make,
when its you who answers my call
In your divine presence
I forget time and space,
As i surrender myself to you

Whats in a name my lord?
All religions are a means to you
Though unaware of religions,
i am certain of one thing,
that i belong to YOUR religion
Tomorrow if you decide
to change your religion,
blindly will i follow you,
My home is where ever you are

Whats in a name my lord?
When the world fights
in your name, it pains me,
as all your names are blissful
I wish they fought for you instead,
You who are worth fighting for,
alongside you, for your ideals,
to make this unforgiving world,
a blissful paradise of the gods

Whats in a name my lord?
Entire cosmos originates from you
The named are created by you,
and so are the names,
You created the name giver too
People, undecided on your names,
How will they ever find you?
Such people destitue of god, i pray,
Find a source to him, not his name

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