Nature n me

Sitting on the verandah
on a bright sunny day,
i sat gazing into nature
which was gazing unto me
thinking of its intricacies
woven into this world
i compared nature and me

how distant are we now
with nature,
we once seemed in unison
how deeply have we moved,
away from our selfless nature
into the synthetic selfishness
dragging us away, far away from self

Aliens are we in our own world
Enemies are we, this human species
where is the harmony to live
where is the peace we believe
nature is our reflection
we have lost ourselves now
when we left our nature behind

i am calling onto you brethren
lets begin our search again,
lets rediscover our selves again
lost selves amidst false shelves
lets join together, bring back nature
into our lives, bring back harmony
lets bring back life again
into this life-less world

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