I wept for my love

I wept for her, my love
And then wept some more
Till the skies bore no more
Sending dark clouds unto me
It wept too beside me
Washing tears from my face

I Wept for her love, alone
Under a tree lost in pain
Relating how two trees stood,
Without meeting even in love,
Swayed gently, blowing breeze
Drying tears off my face

I wept on the beach, my dear
Till the sand moistened,
Until the waves came rolling
Carried my tears into sea, said
My tears are just drops of love
Love dripping from my face

I wept in the temple of god,
In search of answer to my love
I asked god where is my love ?
God smiled then replied;
She has made your heart her temple
Bringing back that smile on my face

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