A flower’s tale

Through golden beams of the sun
blooms a flower to her radial glory
and so do i,
in his rapturous presence,
evolve from my lifeless form.
Then the play of life begins:
The flower exhales life, i breathe in
and then return her favor,
dancing in tandem,
as we synchronise life in moments.
Then we go about our work,
the flower?
She in creating nature.
And I?
I in destroying it with my mates.
Evening comes and we meet again,
I stand shamefaced as i hear :
the flower?
She helped pollinate.
and I?
I helped violate.
I helped pollute.
I helped annihilate.
Night comes; we exchange life again,
albeit this time unknown to us,
as we slumber and dream
in the lap of the absolute

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