The Omen

The clock stuck ten in the morning. My god, she thought, she was already late. she had to be at the Interview location by now, but was still at home, getting ready. What had taken her this long she wondered, but taking care of an entire family’s activities in the morning can be overwhelming, especially with kids around and you will not even realize how time flies. She picked up her bag in haste, made sure her interview invitation and college records were intact, and hurried towards the door. Thrice she had to make sure that she locked the door. She climbed down the stairs and walked towards the gate.

If she had looked around, she would have seen it, sitting on top of the compound wall, ready to jump, but she was already late for such things. Before she took her first step outside, the cat had jumped and crossed the road.

What could possibly be worse than a black cat crossing the road, that too, when she was going for a job interview ? She had prepared well, but interviews were more of an art. Preparation was just an aspect of it. It all depended on the interviewer’s frame of mind as well as her’s. She stopped in her tracks, pausing just for a minute, while her mind started racing, thinking of all decisions that needs to be made before her next step. Should she return back, giving up, based on the omen? Should she move forward, ignoring all the superstitions? How much ever educated or literate you are, the superstitions embedded in your mind through your childhood days can certainly impact you, given the present set of situations.

This job was very important for her, but she was attending an interview after 4 years. Although the situation seemed serious, all funny thoughts occured in her mind too. For instance, what would happen to a black cat when a human crossed its road ? Has anyone ever thought about it ? She imagined a cat stopping in its tracks and calling out Gods name, because a stupid human crossed its road, while it was going to get a meal. Was it ever gonna eat that day?

Well, thats it ! She had stumbled upon an answer. God. Granny had taught her that, in times of distress, One should call out for God and move forward. That should do it. She called out the names of all the Gods she knew. Each repetition increased her courage. Each chant increased her confidence. She was striding forward now, with new found strength. For some reason, the black cat seemed to have helped in increasing her confidence. She had forgotten to pray in the morning before leaving for the interview and this cat reminded her. Talk about bad omens turning good.

She called out for a cab and got in, happier than when she started from her house. I am not gonna tell you what happened next, but come next monday, she is gonna join the firm, a great manager in the making.

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