Find your calling

So here is a question for all of you reading this. How many of you truly enjoy the work you do ? How many of you have answered to that call from within you and started working on what you love to do ? Raise your hands !

Ok not many hands in the air. I hoped as much. Well, what or who exactly are you waiting for ? I am certainly not going to tell you what you should do, nor would any of the other blog writers for that matter. Your parents or your best friends cannot know what you love innately. Well, that leaves us with just one person who can solve this problem. And the answer is ?

If you answered Batman, you are wrong. I am talking about the other super hero we know. YOU.

Now that we have established that everything is your doing, what are your next steps ? Ok, why are you looking to hear everything from me. If i had answers to all the problems in life, i wouldn’t be sitting and listening to yours now, would i ?

Alright, since you made an effort to read this far, may be we can settle upon some standard set of steps that we all know, but haven’t worked upon so far. Where do we begin ?

Do you know ?
Do you know what you love to do ? That should be step 1. If you do, you are halfway there. If not, lets look at it from a different angle, because if you just ask yourselves what you want to do, nothing is going to come up in your mind. Instead, lets ask this. What is that one thing, which when you do, makes you feel elated, drives you to exaltation, drains out all the energy from you and still make you happy and content instead of exhausted, brings you to a state of equanimity ? For some of you, it might be writing, for some others its singing, painting, traveling, coding, etc.

What stops you ?
For most of you, the primary reason is fear. The incessant fearful thoughts of failure while attempting to do it. The way i see it, if you did not attempt it, you have already failed. So why not attempt it once. There is at least a 50-50 percent chance that you will make it, with a little bit of effort and knowledge. Another fear that we all have is of survival. I am not asking you to leave your main job and directly get into what you love. You could always spend few hours a week on what you love for starters and then as it gets better (as most things do with practice and persistence), slowly incline towards your goal from your current work.

How will it help you ?
Do you know that more than half of the office going people are frustrated with themselves? Not only does it impact your office life, but it slowly starts creeping into your personal life as well. To have a happy life, the foremost thing you can do is calm your mind. In order to do that, you must bring it to a level of content, and in order to achieve that you need to start doing what you love. You see how its all related don’t you ? In the beginning, it might seem vague, confusing and even harder than you actually imagined in mind. Even more dangerous is, you might end up getting bored of it, because of the complexities involved in achieving it. But i will tell you my friend; stay on. Patience, Persistence and Perseverance.

The only thing i am looking to hear from you is : ” Challenge accepted !”

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