Remove fear of death

Why is there a fear of death in people ? What does death lead a person to ? Do we cease to exist ? These are clarified by some of the lines below. An in depth study may give the readers a better description however, this for now seems a very good start.

Bhagavad Geetha :

na tvevaham jatu nasham na tvam neme janadhipah
na chaiva na bhavishyamah sarve vayamatah param

It is not that at any time (in the past), indeed was i not, nor were you, nor these rulers of men. Nor verily. shall we all ever cease to be  hereafter.

Krishna says, neither him nor the great warrior Arjuna nor the great kings lined up for the battle are accidental happenings. They do not come from nowhere and at death do not go into nothingness. Correct philosophical thinking guides man’s intellect to the apprehension of a continuity from the past – through the present – to the endless future. The spirit remaining the same, it gets seemingly conditioned by different body equipments and come to live through its self ordained environments.

Famous saying of the learned son of Islam :

I died out of the stone and i became a plant; I died out of the plant and became an animal; I died out of an animal and became a man. Why then should i fear to die ? When did i grow less by dying ?  I shall die out of man and shall become an angel.

Beautiful words spoken to indicate the theory of reincarnation, which is still a mystery to most people that live today.

Solomons book of wisdom :

To be born in sound body with sound limbs is a reward of the virtues of the past lives.

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